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Solutions for aluminium smelters

A broad ran365体育投注ge of electrical an365体育投注d control equipment for switching an365体育投注d distributing electrical power. 

Our expert engineering, supply, construction an365体育投注d man365体育投注agement services, an365体育投注d our in-depth experience of the production process ensure results. Our approach treats the plan365体育投注t an365体育投注d its requirements as single fully integrated entity. So, whether you need a single critical component or a complete turnkey electrification system, look to ABB as your single source. 

As a world leader, we accept our responsibility to deliver the best deal within your time-frame an365体育投注d budget an365体育投注d in complian365体育投注ce with your project needs. We seek to involve you in our expert engineering, supply, construction an365体育投注d man365体育投注agement services to improve your solutions an365体育投注d return on investment. 

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Our offering

Modular, flexible solutions based on ABB’s Industrial IT System 800xA technology

ABB supplies integrated process control systems that can365体育投注 improve plan365体育投注t-wide efficiency an365体育投注d productivity.

Our Industrial IT System 800xA for process control, provide easy access through a single window to the process, production, quality an365体育投注d business information - from the most remote location to corporate headquarters. ABB provides tailored automation solutions that use real-time data - enabling constan365体育投注t monitoring an365体育投注d an365体育投注alysis of the process combined with improved asset availability. 

Aluminium production automation an365体育投注d optimization


ABB’s electrification solutions are engineered for safety, flexibility an365体育投注d security to keep operations running day an365体育投注d night. Our references are unmatched, with a track record of supplying electrification systems for more than365体育投注 40 smelters worldwide. 

ABB offers the broadest ran365体育投注ge of high, medium, an365体育投注d low voltage equipment for switching an365体育投注d distributing electrical power to the plan365体育投注t. High power rectiformers with single unit references of 120kA an365体育投注d 2100VDC. ABB’s FOCS 600kA fibre optic DC measuring system of highest quality. Solutions are engineered for safety, flexibility an365体育投注d security to keep operations running day an365体育投注d night, including emergency power generation an365体育投注d UPS, industrial sub-stations, harmonic correction equipment, switchgear, an365体育投注d tran365体育投注sformers. We provide you with state-of-the-art technology to exceed today’s rigorous power deman365体育投注ds. 

Our experienced infrastructure engineers will maximize your investment an365体育投注d save energy costs due to our innovative design of the energy distribution an365体育投注d positioning of substations an365体育投注d electrical rooms. Greatest consideration will be given, for example, to the locations of electrical rooms an365体育投注d substations, as these contribute directly to the operational costs an365体育投注d losses due to cable lengths an365体育投注d distan365体育投注ces between electrical rooms an365体育投注d electrical consumers.

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DC or AC power from ABB - reliable, efficient an365体育投注d robust

ABB's high power rectifiers an365体育投注d converters provide maximum availability an365体育投注d highest productivity. As a leading worldwide supplier of DC rectifiers or AC converters for an365体育投注y industrial application, ABB has the experience an365体育投注d technological expertise to fulfill your deman365体育投注ding requirements with high priority on personnel safety. Medium current (MCR) an365体育投注d high current rectifiers (HCR) provide DC current in the ran365体育投注ge of 5,000 to 550,000 A as single or multiple units. To boost AC furnace efficiency we recently developed a new converter SAS1000 for AC electric arc furnaces based on the SPLC technology from Hatch Ltd.



ABB’s long tradition as a key supplier of integrated drives solutions is based on a deep know how of the Aluminium Industry. ABB is able to provide the complete drives systems portfolio as required by the various applications. 

ABB's drives solutions for the Aluminium Industry are designed to meet the requirements of the process an365体育投注d to fit properly into the plan365体育投注t environment. ABB is taking care about the interfaces to the supplying network, the load machine, the control system an365体育投注d the infrastructure by providing various engineering services.
The drives solutions are optimized in regard to the total life cycle costs, considering as well possible indirect costs or savings based on the importan365体育投注ce of the equipment in process.
ABB’s drives solutions, tied up to comprehensive packages of supply an365体育投注d services, create real added value an365体育投注d economical benefit to our customers over the whole life cycle of operation. 


Analyzers for the process industries

For over half a century, ABB has developed, man365体育投注ufactured, an365体育投注d installed an365体育投注alyzers for the process industries. 

Our capability embraces one of the largest laboratory, at-line an365体育投注d process an365体育投注alyzer portfolios in the world, performing real-time an365体育投注alysis of the chemical composition an365体育投注d/or physical properties of a process sample or stream. 

Our advan365体育投注ced solutions combine an365体育投注alyzers, Advan365体育投注ced Process Control, process an365体育投注d application knowledge to improve process performan365体育投注ce, productivity, capacity an365体育投注d safety of our customers processes. For more information on measurement products, please click the link below:  


With ABB’s automation solutions, process control, instrumentation, optimization functions an365体育投注d business information systems, your solution is integrated as one.

ABB's Knowledge-based solutions portfolio comprises Knowledge Systems, Optimization Systems, Enterprise Connectivity Solutions, Analyzers an365体育投注d Loop Performan365体育投注ce Man365体育投注agers.

ABB’s Optimization Systems is a suite of optimization solutions for the aluminium industry consisting of the Expert Optimizer an365体育投注d Economic Process Optimization. They allow you to reach new levels of plan365体育投注t performan365体育投注ce.

ABB’s Knowledge Systems using our extensive solutions portfolio, comprising Knowledge Man365体育投注ager an365体育投注d the Production Information Man365体育投注agement System, the data from your process control system is collected an365体育投注d converted to production information. Together with extensive process knowledge an365体育投注d proven advan365体育投注ced control techniques, this information is used to monitor an365体育投注d tune your processes to improve process efficiency an365体育投注d product quality.


ABB’s electromagnetic stirrers for the aluminum industry (AL-EMS) make a significan365体育投注t contribution to improving cost-efficiency by improving productivity an365体育投注d quality for aluminum melting, holding an365体育投注d refining operations.

With over 200 systems installed worldwide, including both air an365体育投注d liquid-cooled an365体育投注d side an365体育投注d bottom-mounted stirrers, ABB is by far the most experienced supplier of electromagnetic stirring solutions for aluminum. This experience has given us unparalleled expertise that we use to continually develop our comprehensive product portfolio, in order to provide the solution best suited to your needs, an365体育投注d to ensure that our equipment is not only professionally installed, but delivers maximum process improvements for your business.


The Added Value of an365体育投注 ABB Partnership

ABB's vast global resources, expertise, technology an365体育投注d infrastructure are all used to create a solution you can365体育投注 profit from. Our references prove our competence.

We supply solutions for life-cycle services an365体育投注d support of equipment for the Primary Aluminium industries. With a vast network of service centers, ABB focuses on helping your compan365体育投注y to ensure results.



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