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Mission to Zero

The world we live in is undergoing rapid chan365体育投注ge. From industrialization to urban365体育投注ization an365体育投注d digitalization, we must find a way to successfully man365体育投注age the pressures being placed on our plan365体育投注et.  

At ABB, we are committed to writing the future of safe, smart an365体育投注d sustainable electrification for everything from industry an365体育投注d buildings to infrastructure an365体育投注d tran365体育投注sportation. Our vision is to achieve a zero-emission reality not only for the future but also today.  

We are therefore delighted to unveil ABB’s Mission to Zero, a real-life example of how the energy tran365体育投注sition can365体育投注 succeed sustainably through digital energy man365体育投注agement. 



Just imagine if …


Let’s write the future of electrification. Together.

The energy tran365体育投注sition is only feasible if we act together. Our Luedenscheid site shows that a safe, smart an365体育投注d sustainable future of electrification is achievable. The technologies are there; we just have to apply them.