Celebrating sustainable growth on Africa Industrialization Day

ABB technologies are helping the continent achieve sustainable an365体育投注d accelerated growth

Every year, African365体育投注 policy makers, business leaders, development partners an365体育投注d others gather to promote an365体育投注d discuss the continent’s industrialization agenda on Africa Industrialization Day. Marking the progress that the continent has made an365体育投注d the remarkable potential that lies ahead, the day represents a unique platform to raise awareness about the tran365体育投注sformational opportunities that industrialization can365体育投注 help realize.

Industries are one of the importan365体育投注t factors that enable development, an365体育投注d ABB is playing an365体育投注 importan365体育投注t role in boosting sustainable industrialization in Africa. With economic conditions improving in several nations, ABB is ready to renew its commitment to support the continent’s need for better energy solutions.

ABB has been a longstan365体育投注ding partner in helping African365体育投注 nations man365体育投注age their energy deman365体育投注ds. It is now partnering with customers to ensure they are ready to benefit from the Fourth Industrial an365体育投注d Energy Revolutions through digitalization solutions that help industries boost productivity. This will build on the strong foundation that ABB has already laid over the years by providing reliable distribution an365体育投注d tran365体育投注smission of power an365体育投注d extending access to electricity, a key enabler of industrial development.

The Robben Islan365体育投注d Microgrid Project

For instan365体育投注ce, ABB has provided the largest installation of high voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), comprising 38 bays, to the Sebenza substation to enhan365体育投注ce power reliability in Johan365体育投注nesburg. GIS is a compact metal encapsulated switchgear that includes high-voltage components, such as circuit breakers an365体育投注d disconnectors, which can365体育投注 be safely operated in confined spaces such as roofs of city buildings, offshore platforms, industrial plan365体育投注ts an365体育投注d hydro power plan365体育投注ts. As part of this project, ABB has also supplied circuit breakers, surge arresters an365体育投注d point-on-wave controllers that remove electrical tran365体育投注sients in the network, thereby ensuring its safety, reliability an365体育投注d efficiency with minimal environmental impact.

Enabling clean365体育投注 energy for a sustainable future

While reliable distribution of power is importan365体育投注t, it is wider usage of clean365体育投注 energy that will ultimately help the continent create a sustainable future for its residents. Using ABB’s pioneering HVDC technology, grid operators can365体育投注 tran365体育投注smit renewable power underground, under water an365体育投注d across entire continents far more efficiently than365体育投注 conventional lines.

  • 3DRC access to electricity project
  • DRC access to electricity project
  • Longmeadow microgrid project

In Africa, ABB has executed the partial upgrade of the 1,700 kilometer Inga-Kolwezi HVDC link for Société Nationale D'électricité (SNEL), the national electricity compan365体育投注y of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The link, which tran365体育投注smits clean365体育投注 power from the Inga hydropower station on the Congo River to the mining district of Katan365体育投注ga in the south-east of the country, was built by ABB more than365体育投注 two decades ago, at which point this was the world’s longest tran365体育投注smission line.

Because HVDC technology allows for tran365体育投注smission of large amounts of electricity to large distan365体育投注ces with higher efficiency an365体育投注d lower losses than365体育投注 traditional AC lines, SNEL has been able to generate excess power that it shares with Southern African365体育投注 Power Pool nations. ABB upgraded the link a decade ago, with systems that can365体育投注 support ABB Ability? digital offerings, which allows for predictive maintenan365体育投注ce of the tran365体育投注smission line. After the upgrade, ABB refurbished the link to boost its tran365体育投注smission capacity, enhan365体育投注ce grid reliability, extend life span365体育投注 an365体育投注d ensure the efficient tran365体育投注smission of hydro-electricity across the region. The link will play an365体育投注 importan365体育投注t role in enabling DRC to utilize its tremendous hydroelectric potential.

Boosting local man365体育投注ufacturing

Being a global firm with presence across the world, ABB maintains a strong local man365体育投注ufacturing presence in the continent. In September, ABB South Africa’s motor an365体育投注d generator factory in Alrode, near Johan365体育投注nesburg, was found fully complian365体育投注t with the Department of Trade an365体育投注d Industry’s (DTI) regulation that man365体育投注dates “greater than365体育投注 70% local sourcing.”

The Alrode motor factory
The Alrode motor factory

ABB’s commitment to the region an365体育投注d modernization of local man365体育投注ufacturing facilities are reflected in the forty-year old factory’s upgrade, which enables it to man365体育投注ufacture an365体育投注d test large induction an365体育投注d synchronous motors, an365体育投注d generators for power utilities, heavy industries an365体育投注d mines in South Africa an365体育投注d beyond.

With operations in 23 African365体育投注 countries an365体育投注d 5,000 employees across the continent, ABB has been driving innovation in the continent’s energy generation. ABB will continue to support development an365体育投注d write the future in Africa, enabling industries an365体育投注d countries to tap the massive potential of the continent an365体育投注d create a brighter future for its citizens.

Find out more about ABB's Robben Islan365体育投注d microgrid project here: https://new.abb.com/distributed-energy-microgrids/projects/robben-islan365体育投注d


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